Quick and easy counterparty verification

Complete and objective virtual company analytics based on data from decentralised sources - Blockchain:

Protect your business from unscrupulous partners

Counterparty analysis


Linked companies

Sales figures and financials

Change tracking

Finding trustworthy partners

Easy to use counterparty evaluation

  • All key information on one page
  • Detailed counterparty reliability rating
  • Information about the number and volume of deals
  • Daily updating of information
  • Insolvency (bankruptcy) risk markers
  • Financial position of the company
  • History of changes
  • Contact details of virtual companies

Check connections between companies

  • Whether the counterparty is related to your competitors
  • Whether any subsidiaries have been formed and what is their financial situation
  • Whether there are obvious signs of preparation of the company for bankruptcy
  • Whether the founder has a track record of troubled legal entities

Find partners for your business

Get a list of suitable companies for you by:

  • Region
  • Main and additional activities
  • Amount of revenue
  • Contact details
  • Other criteria of relevance to you

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