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Register your own virtual company and get access to all the components of the SFERA digital ecosystem. Sell products or provide professional services on the marketplace, participate in tenders and enter into secure transactions with other virtual companies.

Attract investment in your business through the initial placement of your tokenized shares on a decentralized exchange.

SFERA - huge infrastructure For your business

Ecosystem infrastructure

Private Virtual Company In 5 minutes

Your virtual company
In just 5 minutes

Open a virtual company on your own or together with partners. Distribute shares in the company and easily manage all business processes, from the appointment of a director to the payment of dividends.

Become the owner of your own cryptocurrency! To do this, issue tokenized shares of your virtual company in just a couple of clicks and conduct their initial placement on the decentralized exchange SFERA.

Tenders and Deals

Publish your tenders for goods or services and get thousands of responses from specialized virtual companies. Your company will also receive notifications about all new tenders in your field of activity.

Have you found a reliable company with a suitable portfolio, turnover and rating? Send her a request and make a secure deal on mutually beneficial terms!

Private Virtual Company In 5 minutes
Private Virtual Company In 5 minutes

Market Place

Add products and services of your virtual company and they will be seen by millions of users from all over the world. You no longer need to spend money on creating and promoting websites and online stores, advertising and payment system commissions!

All transactions on the SFERA marketplace are secure, and the service commission is only 1%. Withdraw funds in cryptocurrency or in any other convenient way for you.

Decentralized Exchange

You can easily raise funds for the development of your business. To do this, simply place the tokenized shares of your virtual company on our decentralized exchange. You can also invest in tokens of a virtual company you like, taking into account its financial and reputational analytics, as well as the history of paying dividends.

Unlike all other cryptocurrency exchanges, only tokens (shares) of companies that already create benefits and generate added value are traded on the SFERA exchange.

Private Virtual Company In 5 minutes

SFERA opening Roadmap

December 2020

Idea birth and the formation of a project concept

January 2021

Marketing research. Development of technical specifications

February 2021

First stage development budget approval. Identity and service design development

March 2021

Starting the development of the program code

May 2021

First closed testings of the virtual company registration service. Social networks accounts registration. Promotion strategy formation

June 2021

Virtual companies registration service public launch. Implementation and popularization of the service affiliate program

July 2021

Start the development of the Marketplace for goods and services, with secure transactions and settlements in cryptocurrencies

September 2021

Final work on the technical part in the development of the Marketplace

October 2021

Closed marketplace testing

November 2021

Marketplace public version launch. Active PR company launching to attract users to use our service as the main platform for their business

January 2022

Start development of a stock and bond exchange for virtual companies registered in SFERA


Start of the main round of the project token sale - 20,000,000 tokens at a price of $2

March 2022

SFERA tokens listing on the world's major crypto exchanges - Poloniex, Binance, EXMO

April 2022

Launch of the public version of the exchange of shares and bonds of Virtual companies

All Benefits - One Platform

Fast business start

After opening a Virtual Company, you have access to all tools to receive income in cryptocurrency. Marketplace of products and services, system of tenders and deals, smart contracts for business.

Cooperative management

SFERA implements traditional tools for interacting with shareholders, management and employees of Virtual Companies. Build your company with partners, finance and manage the business in cooperation. Distribute dividends.

Clear analytics

All information about your company is recorded in the Blockchain and is available for viewing by buyers, partners and investors. The greater the company's turnover - the greater the capitalization and value of your shares.

No payment blocks

All payments within the service are made in cryptocurrencies and do not go through the banking system or the currency control system. We do not submit reports on our clients to government agencies. You have the opportunity to independently resolve issues related to taxes and reporting.

Rating system

All SFERA members have their own rating, which is formed from compliance with the terms of contracts. Data about companies, founders, managers and customers is recorded in the Blockchain and cannot be faked or changed. The rating is updated after each transaction, which gives additional reliability for you and your partners.


Important decisions in the company are made jointly by all founders through a voting system. Voting works on the principle of the size of the participants' shares and is similar to voting in a classic company. You can jointly change the company way, appoint and remove a CEO.

New partnerships

You can easily attract new partners and investors to your company. These can be both active and minority participants. Create small creative teams or large companies. Develop your company as you see fit.

No borders

You can do business all over the world, conclude long-term contracts or quick deals, conduct profitable tenders with partners from any country. Now your business is only limited by your imagination.

Free and transparent business - for free people!

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are already firmly embedded in our daily lives, but in most cases only as a tool for speculation and enrichment.

The philosophy of our service is to make life easier for millions of entrepreneurs around the world by providing them with the tools to easily start, manage and grow their businesses! Most people did not dare to try themselves in business because of excessive financial investments, excessive state control and complex administration. Now everything has changed, we provide a ready-made infrastructure in which all these tasks are solved.

We believe that the future of cryptocurrencies lies in the free exchange of value between people who produce and consume it.

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